Contract and loan. Is it possible?

Do you know that it is currently estimated that every 10th adult Pole works on the so-called contract of mandate? This is an extremely often offered form of cooperation, which brings with it an apparent difficulty in obtaining positive verification of loans or credits. This is due to the fact that the relationship engagement contract is with an uncertain financial situation, and thus – with a more difficult process of obtaining positive applications for financial loans.

In that case, can’t students and people with long work experience under contract work take out loans at bank and non-bank branches? Are the premium contract a factor in getting financial assistance? What conditions must be met and is there a chance to get a loan under a mandate contract?


Cash loan – commission contract calculator

Cash loan - commission contract calculator

To obtain a loan , several important conditions must be met. Among them we must distinguish the so-called creditworthiness. This is an extremely popular term for the so-called the borrower’s solvency and financial standing. The higher the creditworthiness, the greater the chance of receiving a positive application. There are many factors that affect creditworthiness – from age to the number of people in the household and data about your form of employment. In the first place, as the most advantageous, is the employment contract. This is due to the certainty and continuity of employment. In addition, the employment contract is regulated by the Labor Code and provides more privileges for the employee. Immediately after him the mandate contract is classified, considered to be a less attractive contract.


Do we have to reckon with the fact that the application submitted by us is doomed to refuse in advance?

Do we have to reckon with the fact that the application submitted by us is doomed to refuse in advance?

The answer is simple – the commission contract does not prevent our chance to receive a loan. As the type of contract is one (and not the only) parameter, it does not ultimately decide about the decision taken by the bank. Equally important is e.g. credit history, which can be decisive, regardless of the contract we sign. So if you get a fixed amount, you document stable income and are called a reliable and credible customer – the bank will certainly take this into account in the final decision. Specialists emphasize that an employment contract for the lowest national is not better than a contract for, for example, a triple sum of this payment. In this context, therefore, our solvency is important, not the type of binding contract.

Currently, specific online aids are also available to determine which institution is able to offer us an attractive financial solution. After finding the so-called contract, order, calculator, and then entering our financial capabilities, expectations and preferences, we get a query result that segregates non-bank and bank branches serving this type of offer. Among them there are also those directed for persons on a mandate contract. It is worth emphasizing that the form of employment is one of several decisive parameters that may facilitate or hinder making a final decision.


Where can I get a loan under a contract?

Where can I get a loan under a contract?

To decide on the choice of bank, we must carefully analyze our financial capabilities, expectations and portfolio capabilities. The above mentioned calculators will certainly systematize, organize and help in choosing a destination. In this way, we will gain a lot of time and avoid visits and frequent conversations with representatives of the institutions. It is thanks to comparison websites that we are able to thoroughly analyze the first offers and answer the question which of them are suitable for us. Remember to consider the commission, the actual annual interest rate, the repayment amount and possible negotiation in addition to the accepted contract element.

We can already tell you that in Poland all banks offer loans on a commission basis. It is important, however, that each of them operates on different terms – more or less attractive to us. The number of competitors means that many offers are extremely interesting to us. For example, the most popular banks in Poland propose adding up work periods and reducing the minimum income period. A thorough analysis and offer can be viewed on both the lenders’ websites. To get to know their terms better, it’s a good idea to schedule a phone call or appointment at your facility. Include in your conversation your income, the period for which the contract is signed (often the minimum contract period is 3 months, although there are banks requiring six months), as well as additional obligations that you make or pay off every month. Remember that a civil law contract can be terminated any day, which is why every month of continuity of work works in your favor. It is estimated that the mandate contract for a year is extremely valuable and facilitates positive verification of the bank.

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